Programs and Trainings

Professional storyteller Toni Simmons brings stories to life for teachers, Librarians, Storytellers, Students, Lawyers, with the use of rhythms, songs, and audience participation, which places them in the story. Her work appeals to audiences of all ages, young and old, and includes a wide variety of literature.

  • Teachers

    Teaching in the classroom, that kids will in general hold more information when they can associate it with a class room activity. One of the most widely recognized classroom exercises is narrating or story telling. children love listening to their teachers recounting stories. While they tune in, they start to focus and finish the story until its end.

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  • Librarians

    To numerous individuals, storytime and libraries go connected hand-in-hand. Yet, shockingly numerous unexperienced parents don't think about the storytime programs accessible at their nearby open library. Not exclusively is storytime an extraordinary free type of amusement for guardians searching for activities for their kids, yet library storytime can give a bonanza of psychological advantages too.

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  • Storytellers

    A storyteller has an aptitude to depicts the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, now and again with an act of improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment they bring out the whole new frame of the story.
    Each culture has its own accounts or stories, which are shared as a method for diversion, training, social protection or ingraining virtues.

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  • Students

    Similarly, as we urge understudies to utilize enticing gadgets for their expositions and addresses, we can utilize a similar method as educators. Start class with an intriguing story, however one that is relevant to the lecture’s focus. Informing them regarding when teachers/storyteller were their age, about occasions you fizzled, succeeded, or about noteworthy exercises you learned.

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  • Lawyers

    Great legal advisors have a capacity to tell stories. Regardless of whether they are contending a homicide case or a complex money related protections case, they can proficiently clarify a chain of occasions to judges and juries so they get them.
    The best legal advisors are likewise ready to develop stories that emotionally affect their target groups.

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Toni Simmons